Tuesday, October 27, 2009

~ Happy Birthday Dad ~

Happy Birthday Pop!!!!

What an awesome man my Dad is !! He just made 85 years old !!

He is a WWII Veteran , just 18 years old when he was drafted into the Army . He is very proud to talk to anyone about the country he served and the places he has been to. Dad still works part time at the VFW that he is a member of . Each time the VFW hall is used for things like Bingo or weddings,reunions he goes and cleans it up with my sister and her husband . He does all the grass cutting there too . He keeps very busy !!

Here is Dad accepting a medal from Gov. Bobby Jindal . Dad was so happy to get this medal and he proudly shows it to everyone that come over to his house . This medal was for all Louisiana Veterans . Gov. Jindal personally gave the medals out and shook hands with every Veteran there . BTW- Gov Jindal is the youngest Governor in the USA ......

Every chance he gets he will go fishing . Lucky for him he has two son in laws that loves to fish too .

Funny but I think I got my sewing skills from him (I know I got my height from him . Dad is tall, about 6'2" and I am 5'9" ) Any way , I can still remember him telling us how he would sew the uniform patches for his fellow soldiers with just a needle and thread. He would charge them 50 cents a patch that was spending money for him . His Army pay would go straight to his parents . He can remember when he had his very first $20.00 bill in his pocket and felt like a rich man . Ha!! My Dad has worked all his life . He went to school up to the 5th grade then had to help out in the cotton fields . He was one of 12 children so every hand was needed out there picking cotton .
We had a wonderful time Sunday . We had a Birthday Party for him . His children ,grandchildren, great grandchildren and lots of friends came over. My Sister Velma and I did the cooking and everyone enjoyed Chicken & Sauage Gumbo with Potato Salad with lots of different deserts . Yumm!!
The Great Grand Kids had such a good time there . They didn't want to leave that evening ..........


vgautreaux said...

This is the sweetest blog yet! And he's my dad too! Lucky us!

bettyp said...

I know !! I had a heavy heart the whole time I wrote this !!!
Love you Sis!!

Anonymous said...

love your blog mom....as i was reading dakota saw the cake and said "that's big pops cake, can i have some?"lol.......that was so funny

love your blog.


Mrs. G. said...

We had a great time, too! I'm glad we got to see so many family members again, and on our anniversary, no less! :) You guys are so great to us, and we appreciate all that you do! Love you big big!

HuggleBuggles said...

Well if I come see ya can I go fishing too.