Saturday, November 14, 2009

~ A Chocolate Cake ~

Here we are before 9:00 in the morning Making a cake !!!!

(here is grand maw still in her night clothes)

Dakota slept over so while we were in bed and talking he ask if we could make a Chocolate Cake . I said yes thinking he would forget all about it .
Then morning comes and the first thing he said upon waking was "come on Maw-Maw lets go make the chocolate cake! "
I just can never disappoint my Grandchild so here we are making the chocolate cake .
Well the mix was not chocolate but we added some M & Ms to it and that was enough to make him happy . After cooling I drizzled some chocolate syrup on top !! YUM!!!

1 comment:

vgautreaux said...

Such a happy child!

BTW, where's the picture of the finished cake?