Monday, October 5, 2009

~ Bargello ~

I have been working on the Bargello quilt but its been slow..........

I had the 7 stratas done and not really loving 2 strips . When this happens I just stop and just can't move forward till I feel I have made the right decision. Today I went visit the quilt shop and found 2 fabrics to replace the 2 I wasn't happy with . So the sewing machine is humming again!!!

The picture below is 1 strata .
This quilt needs 7 , so Iam busy now ripping out the 2 strips and adding the 2 new ones . Now I can get busy on this and have it quilted in no time :0)


Queen of pink in a house of blue said...

that is BEAUTIFUL!!
is it for someone? or is that a secret?

you'll be done in no time!

QuiltSue said...

It's going to look lovely.

Bethany said...

Your color choices are spectacular. I can't wait to see this done.

daisyduke53 said...

I love all the quilts. The Grandmother Flower Garden is beautiful and the stack-n-Whack is awesome.
What is the bargello going to look like?
Do you have a certain pattern in mind? hugs camille