Monday, June 8, 2009

Accountability And Motivation

That's what I need !!!!!
Starting today I will start walking and I will report back every day on how far I have walked .
If I back slide PLEASE come Here and make me accountable.
I will be following my own diet(believe me I know how to lose weight )

Here is a picture of me about 75 lbs over weight . I am 5 '9" tall so I can weight more that most people :0)

Right now I will be focusing on 50lbs.

Please check on me everyday .

I will be posting on the side bar how much I have loss and how far I walked for that day .

Doing this might seems a bit desperate but if you have ever tried losing weight you know what I am talking about .

So stand by me . Please leave me a comment, a kick in the butt, a high 5, praise what ever it takes


Anonymous said...

Best of luck.

Quilt n Calc Gal said...

Good luck. I've reached the same point in my life. It is much harder to get in shape the older I get. Stay motivated.

Debby said...

Hi Betty!

You can and you will!!

Have a great day,


Quiltbug said...

I'm thinking that if you can do it, so can I!!! It is going to rain tomorrow. I don't have a rain coat at the moment so I'll wait until Wed and start walking too. We can both do this.

bettyp said...

Thanks every one !! I am getting ready to walk right now !!
Okay,Quiltingbug We can do this .

Queen of pink in a house of blue said...

I have told you about my own struggles and my success I have had recently!

I'm with you! I have lost 41 pounds and have an ultimate goal of 35 more, but will be THRILLED for another 25.

I have been going to curves 6 days a weeks, but my GOAL is to build up to running again.
I told my mom just today, that i wanted to add walking every other day to my workout for now....building my way up to everyday then eventually to RUNNING! (i LOVE the feeling after a good run.... it's the BEST stress reliever!)
Hey Miss Betty, i'll even go for a walk with ya when i get down there! (that MAY be this weekend *Sat-Tues*)

bettyp said...

Thanks Ros! Would love to go walking !!
I'll be home . We have a nice walking trail.
Call me if you come to your Moms.
Please ceck in on me and keep me going !!

vgautreaux said...

Way to go Sis!!

Anonymous said...

hey mother--proud of you!!! keep up the good work. you do however look very good in that picture!!!

love you


HuggleBuggles said...

I know you will do great. As for my self being on the Divorce diet has been good also. I am down 20 something pounds and almost 2 sizes. I think I need to lose about 15 more.
Tell me how to get movitvated to start walking in this heat?????