Saturday, July 7, 2012

~ It's Good To Be Square Quilt ~

Man its been a while that I have posted anything here!!!!      Between baby setting the grandson and setting with my older brother,then trying to catch up around this house I have had very little time for any sewing or quilting .
My oldest brother has cancer and now living in a nursing home . With great care I must say . We are so thankful that there is nursing homes out there that really caters to the patents need . We took turns setting with him till he felt like he could be along and call for help if need . He is not able to get up on his own but the great workers there helps with everything he needs .
Thanks Rayne Guest Home !!!         
I decided I needed to make Wil a quilt and it had to be one that was very quick to make.  I saw this one had blocks 16 x 16 inches. I  knew it would be fast to put together so I went with it . You can see the pattern here . Very fast and so pretty too.
Please keep my brother Wil in prayers .............

 Here is what the block looks like


vgautreaux said...

I went by to visit with him this morning. He said he likes the quilt you made for him, said it was pretty.

I love the pattern.

QuiltinMama said...

Glad to hear you found such a great place for him...his quilt is wonderful. We'll be praying for you both, Betty.

Anonymous said...

Stumbled acros your blog today and I can't get over what beautiful quilts you make. Thank you for sharing this

El Racha Elohim said...

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Shilo said...