Thursday, September 22, 2011

~ What To Do With 4 Inch Sq. Fabric~

I won some of these 4 inch sqs. on Ebay.

Now just wondering what is a good pattern to use to make blocks. I got a great deal on them. 50 for .99 (told you I was a good shopper) Got a good bit of them to make a quilt. Also bought some 6 inch denim sqs too and a good price .


Velma Gautreaux said...

Yes indeed, you are a great shopper! That's a great deal and such pretty colors. I think they would go well with denim. Anything you decide to make will look really good, I'm sure. Congratulations on your great find!

annette t. burns said...

boy!!! did you get a great deal..
i never find great deals.. i can't wait to see what quilt you make with it.