Wednesday, December 22, 2010

~ Another Great Buy From Good Will ~

This it a table I found at Good Will for $50.00 !! Its almost 6 feet long and 4 feet wide ! What a great find!! I had been looking around for a nice table and finally came across this one . My husband cut the hole and added a bottom to it for my sewing machine is fit in it and even with the table .When he was cutting he called me over to tell me it was solid OAK!!! I love my table!!!


Deanna said...

That is an awesome find! Congratulations.

pirate said...

What an awesome, *awesome* table and such a bargain! You have a very talented husband to modify it into a sewing table.

You will LOVE having that much table space to the left and back of your sewing machine. When you sew your binding to the quilt, that area is exactly where the bulk of the quilt ends up. It will be MARVELOUS to have that space available!


Sheila said...

Hello Betty, Love your new sewing table, what a find. I am just in the process of making a new sewing table. I have the base, but will need to put a top on it and would love a set up like yours. Where did you get the insert? Did you have instructions for making the shelf that holds the machine? Have a great holiday!

Barbara said...

It's nice to have a hubby who can customize such a great find to fit your needs. Looks perfect!

Anonymous said...

wow, what abeautiful table, quilts and precious LULU.

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Thank you for sharing this site.