Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bad Hair Day................

For Dakota!!!!

Why are children so fascinated with scissors????

On Fathers Day evening my daughter and her family had just settled in to watch some TV after supper. Well Dakota wanted to cut with paper scissors and construction paper. Angela got it for him and he was playing and cutting on the paper . After a while he came sit right next to her on the couch and she heard him cut a chuck of hair off from her hair!! She whopped him on the butt and when look in the mirror to see the damage :C

That same week a few days later she was doing something in her bedroom when her husband Thomas called out to her to come see what Dakota did !! He took the scissors and cut his hair to the scalp!!! Angela cried!!
In this picture I think he knew he was in trouble.His Daddy gave him a hair cut then his clippers when out . They called for me to go over and finish the job !!! He doesn't look like my Grandson with that Buzz cut!!

I can't wait till his hair grows!!!


Queen of pink in a house of blue said...

why O why do kids LOVE to do that?!
he IS still adorable, even with REALLY short hair though!!

i hope he learned...and that the scissors are put AWAY! lol

bettyp said...

I think Angela threw them away!!! LOL!!!

vgautreaux said...

I liked it better with a chunk cut out than the buzz cut!LOL

It must be a rite of passage to cut a chunk of hair to the scalp! A lot of kids do this. It'll grow back & it could be worse, he could be a little girl doing this!

bettyp said...

Velma,I thought the same thing :c

QuiltSue said...

How funny. But I don't know what it is about scissors, they all seem to do it at some time or other. At least the hair grows again, so it could be worse I guess.

Anonymous said...

my poor child.....i still love him.....we call him caillou you mom