Friday, June 19, 2009

Tutorial~Basting The Quilt~

I am ready to baste Dakota's quilt and thought that I would show ya'll how I do it .

I sandwich the backing and batting with the quilt on top.I have a big snack bar/counter so I work on that but if you have a dinning room table that would work just as well.
I start to pin on the short end of the quilt .
As you can see I let the rest drape over the table on to the two snack bar chairs I have there.
Pin, pin,pin,pin......................
You need lots of pins for sure!!
I try to pin very close so the the fabric can't move .

I start by pinning the side of the quilt that is closer to me . Smooth out the fabric. I pin a few rows then I ROLL the quilt and pull it forward thows me. Then I smooth out the fabric starting in the middle,pin,working out to the sides. Keep rolling the fabric till you have it all basted!!

Here it is all pined!!Yea!!!
Now I need to go quilt this baby !!!


QuiltSue said...

I'm looking forward to seeing how you're going to quilt it now.

vgautreaux said...


annette said...

what a cute quilt
Thanks for instructions

Anonymous said...

hey mother!!!

the quilt looks adorable!!! dakota's lucky to have a very loving and talented grandmother!
thank you for making it!

love you

Queen of pink in a house of blue said...

that looks like a LOT of work, but the end result will be GREAT!! Dakota is going to LOVE his new quilt!!!
how have you been doing with the walking? I don't see it on your sidebar!!