Tuesday, May 26, 2009

SOLD !! TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER....................

or to the only bidder !!LOL!!!

Today our son Leo Jr. bought a lot in our subdivision.

It was an adjudicated property, meaning the owner of it did not pay taxes and fees on this property for years. Back in Dec. he started the paperwork to get this property to auction. Well today was the Day.

It was at 10:00 at the Police Jury's Office in Napoleonville, Louisiana . We got their at 9:40 . I was so afraid that someone else would show up(it was advertised in the paper for a month back in Feb.) But we just sat there and at 10 Ms Kim from the PJO came and said "well looks like you got it since no one else came " She said "I'll get the papers done and will be right back ." We waited a short time then she came back came with the amount on paper . Then walks in this guy asking where is the auction for so and so property. She said "its over, he just bid on it and got it ". He said he was at the courthouse for 9:00 that morning and went to the wrong building . He was not to happy !!!

For a minute I felt sorry for him.............................

I told Leo Jr, " You know the Lord blocked this man from coming here and bidding on the property " This is answered Prayer for sure!!!!

Praise the LORD!!!


Queen of pink in a house of blue said...

and WOW....he's all grown up!! lol
I guess you forget people grow up when you don't see them for SOOOO long!

vgautreaux said...

Congratulations Leo!

daisyduke53 said...

I believe it was the Lord. He gives us the desires of our heart. Love the Blogs. cw

haloden said...

I want a bag. They are so cool!! You could be the next Vera Bradley(Look her up if you don't her products).