Wednesday, May 27, 2009


King Size !!!!!!!

I only had 2 or 3 quilts under my belt when one day I was in the fabric dept at WalMart and saw a book about Double Wedding Ring quilts . I bought it and really studied it for a while .

In the book it also had a table runner with the DWR design. I decided to make that one first JUST to see if I really could make a large DWR quilt .

I had a person in mind that I wanted to make it for . She had just gotten married and had a baby (forgot the year, maybe when she sees this post she will be able to tell what year it was ) I know it was early 90's.

This is Rosalind with her baby boy and her new DWR quilt. I had surprised her with it .
(the little girl in the picture is Aimee, a child I used to watch)

To think !!! My very first DWR quilt and I made it a KING size !!!

Oh!! I didn't know any better . I just dove in and did it . Since then I have made at least 15 or more of DWR quilts . The last one I made was about 5 years ago .

The Double Wedding Ring quilt will always hold a special place in my heart . I think this is when I first realize that I am a Quilter!!


vgautreaux said...

pretty quilt!

Queen of pink in a house of blue said...

heehee....i posted pics of THAT lil baby yesterday and he's not so little anymore! (almost 17!! WOW!)

YES, I was married in 91, Travis was born in 92, so that was probably aug-sept '92!

MY bed was actually a CALIFORNIA KING, even slightly bigger than a king!

I think i remember you telling me that there was over 3,000 little pieces to make it!
I was so very surprised and excited you had made that for me!

I cannot imagine how grown up Amy is NOW!

bettyp said...

Ros , Amiee is in Collage now and has her own apartment in Thibodaux.

Mary said...

Oh wow, I'm so impressed! I just saw a version today in the bookstore that had solid rings and small circles appliqued along them was beautiful but I would never make it so I put the book back!