Sunday, May 24, 2009

All Aboard!!!!

I have the first part of the Train done . I am pleased with it . Now I need to do the stitching all around the train . This part is called machine applique.
Hubby did the cooking today so I can play with the fabrics and have fun.
Thought I would should you some stuff from my Sewing Room .

This is my Bernina 440 QE . Got her about 3 years ago . I love this machine !!!

It has the Stitch Regulator on it with a quilting walking foot . It quilts like a dream.

Some day I would like to get a Horn sewing table to put her in but for now this folding table from Sams will have to do .LOL!!

Take a look at my design wall. Not a whole lot there but I do use it a lot when I am sewing block and want to see what they look like at a distance . Really all it is is a table cloth with a flannel backing from a dollar store tacked to the wall and it holds your blocks in place .
Simply press your block against the design board/table cloth and the flannel backing holds it with No tacking !! Nice
More to come soon!!!

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Queen of pink in a house of blue said...

Oh, you are on the ball! it looks GREAT!! that is going to be adorable!!
Dakota will absolutely love and adore this for years!!!
love the colors too!