Thursday, October 6, 2011

Turning A Wedding Dress Into A Baby's Christening Gown

That is just what I did last week .
You could say I have been busy !!! But really enjoyed doing this for a friend .
Wished I had thought to take a picture of the wedding dress but I didn't .The top part of the Christening Gown is the original front of the wedding dress . I put the pattern front over the front of the wedding dress and cut it out . I removed the lace on the sleeves and from the bottom of the dress .
The dress is from the 1970s . Not overly fancy and full but every bit as beautiful !!

Also made the handkerchief bonnet . Added the lace from the dress to it and also put a ribbon bow on each side of the bonnet . The small bit of ribbon is the only thing I need to buy to make this christening gown and bonnet


Stephanie said...

That's lovely Betty. Someone's going to absolutely love it!

Queen of pink in a house of blue said...

tht is BEAUTIFUL!!

Velma Gautreaux said...

That's such a great idea & so beautiful. An heirloom!

Kathryn D. Duke said...

This is so special and what an honour for your friend to ask you to make it for is lovely!!!


QuiltSue said...

That is just beautiful.

Angela Michaud-Mourer said...

I am speechless, this is just so lovely. Great job.

501 Quilt Blocks said...

What a great way to preserve memories! Very pretty!