Tuesday, August 10, 2010

~ Beauful Blogger Award ~

I got this today from Pat at 501 Quilt Block
She is a new blogger friend and we have been helping each other on applique blocks . Go over and visit her blog.
Now I need to send this award to another blogger. I am going to send this award to Sue. You need to visit her site !! She is so funny and also a great quilter !!!
Sue,you need to put the award on your blog and send it to another blogger and add my link to it


QuiltSue said...

Thank you so much for this. I've never won an award before for anything, not even at school. There, don't you feel sorry for me?

vgautreaux said...

Congratulations Betty!!!!

QuiltSue said...

I can't decide who to give this too, which is why I haven't passed it on yet.