Wednesday, July 21, 2010

~ Back Basting Applique ~

I am working on my 'Welcome' banner this week and wanted to show the little progress that I have made.
While looking at Google Reader one night I came across this blog and I am sure glad I did . She has a tutorial on 'Back Basting Hand Applique" I have always been so attracted to hand applique and has tried several times to do it but always gave up. This way of doing it is so easy !!! Now I am slow and still not all that great but still better than before and I also think that this is just one of those things that will get better as you keep doing it. Practice makes perfect,right?? LOL!

So I chose some simple designs to start with . Please give me so feed backs on the Applique ,any hints are welcome!! Also whats is the best thread to use .I was told to get silk thread but the quilt shop didn't have any.I think that has be bought online. Whats a good online shop to get some ?
This it the stitch line for the needle turning .Its basted from the back .Here I only have one leave appliqued .
The top didn't come out to straight but whimsical is not perfect . Love my Lil blue bird !!

Not finished yet ,more to come -then put it all together with the welcome block.
I'll be back to show the end result :<)


daisyduke53 said...

Hi its gonna be cute.The silk thread is great idea but I don't know where to buy it. I love appliqué myself. Just finished an appliqué cancer ribbon nine path lap quilt. It took me a year to finish. I gave it to a friend who had breast removed the same as I did. But I have pictures. Going to start a smaller one for myself. love ya camille

vgautreaux said...

It looks so cute! Is this a part of the welcome banner or another project?

QuiltSue said...

As I can not applique to save my life, I can't make any helpful comments, but it looks great to me, and I love your bird too.

QuiltSue said...

Just want to say I LOVE the quilt in your header.

501 Quilt Blocks said...

Thanks for commenting on my applique project. I think I'll try this method next time. It definitely sounds easier.

Carrie P. said...

Hi Betty, thanks for coming by my blog. I have some photos up from the show now.
I like to use back basting too. That blog is great for showing you how to do it. I have used silk thread but I am not fond of it. My favorite thread for applique is Mettler embroidery thread, 60/2. Maybe your shop carries it. I have been collecting different thread colors when the shop would have a sale. I have some tutorials at the top of my blog if you are new to applique you can check them out.