Sunday, April 11, 2010

~ The 'Goodwill Store ~

I love shopping at The Goodwill Store.
In the pass I have gotten some really good deals there but nothing like what my sister Velma has found !! About a month ago on a Saturday morning just after getting off from her part time job ,she and her husband Richard decides to stop at the Goodwill Store on there way home . Well , she comes home with a Breadman bread machine for I think 20.00. There was no manual for it so she goes online and get all the information she needs to use her bread machine plus get recipes too!! The machine works great too!!

So now this Saturday Goodwill shopping has turned into a regular event ....... Anyway , She and Richard & my Dad(they have him going too now!!! LOL!!)stops in and finds ANOTHER bread machine . Even nicer that the one she had gotten a few weeks before. This one was for $25.00. The best part is ....she bought it for ME!!! I am so excited with this bread machine !! She even found 2 small recipe books for baking bread in a bread machine .
So this week I have made bread and cinnamon rolls next week I will be making whole grain bread in it .
Its so easy to make and a lot of fun too.

These were so good . I added the the glazed icing on top ......


vgautreaux said...

I'm so glad you (& the Leo's) are enjoying the bread machine. I'm enjoying mine too! You need to scan & email me the recipe for those yummy looking cinnamon rolls.

HuggleBuggles said...

I guess I need to start hitting the Goodwill store. Especially sionce I have donated so much too it the past yr. And we have anew one down the road that is huge. Thanks girls for the ideas.


QuiltSue said...

That was a couple of great finds. The smell of home-made bread is so wonderful.

MARCIE said...

You are gonna have me racing off to Goodwill! Those rolls look fabulous!